Michelle Stennett has been a stellar representative for everyone in District 26 as our state senator for the past 10 years. Her knowledge on issues important to Idaho, especially in District 26, has made her a well-respected legislator on both sides of the aisle and someone who has a calm demeanor as she tirelessly works on our behalf. She is a law-abiding citizen with no intention of disrupting Idaho’s government or challenging law enforcement.

Water is growing increasingly important in District 26. Michelle is an active participant in both local and regional water committees and works hard to insure everyone gets their fair share of this scarce resource. Water is our future and we need someone who knows and understands water issues, not someone who promises to learn about them.

I’ve known Michelle for 30 years and invite everyone to join me in voting for someone who stands with District 26 residents to continue strengthening Idaho’s future. Michelle is that someone and the perfect candidate for state Senate, District 26.

Margaret Macdonald Stewart, Ketchum

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