Everyone should make the effort to support small local businesses. Local businesses are the heart of our community and bring character to our vibrant small town. By supporting locally owned businesses, you are supporting a person, as opposed to a large chain corporation.

Moreover, supporting local businesses is better for the environment because they often have much less of a carbon footprint than do bigger companies. In our town, our people are invested in the health of our environment, and by staying local when shopping or dining, we can decrease our negative impact on the environment.

Much more of the revenue that small businesses make is also being recycled back into our local economy. Local businesses keep our economy afloat, and provide more jobs and often better wages than chains.

While there are many reasons to support local businesses, in a community such as ours that is so tight-knit, the most important factor is that you are supporting your neighbors. Rather than money being passed down through large corporations to those who don’t reside here, by spending locally you are giving back to the community.

Alex Stuessi, Wood River Valley

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