As a student at Wood River High School, I’m surprised some in Boise think that it is a good idea to roll back sex ed in our schools. Teens need medically accurate, real information from trained experts who can answer questions without shame or judgement. Pushing a bill that requires written permission for sexual education only sets Idaho back in time.

Young people are constantly talking about sex. This bill will not get rid of the curiosity or temptation around these topics—it will only create barriers for people who are just trying to be informed. After all, knowledge is power and sexual education is absolutely necessary for preventing teen pregnancies and the spread of STDs.

Apparently, Rep. Barbara Ehardt prefers that young Idahoans get their information from the wilds of the internet, which is never fully trustworthy. Our students deserve better and Rep. Muffy Davis should vote no on this bill.

Denise Salinas, Hailey

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