In the impending Senate hearings, the majority of Republican senators will vote no differently than the 197 congressmen, including Mike Simpson, who refused to impeach Trump. Some are merely hardcore enablers, others offer a transparent pretext that such a vote will further divide the nation or is a political ploy. I don’t believe any American will swallow that lie. The polarity will not change. Trump, mobs and bullies feed on appeasement. What will change and encourage the seditious intentions of the mob is the confidence that these same senators and congressmen and women, motivated by fear or ambition, will excuse and otherwise condone armed confrontation and terrorism.

Possibly five to 10 courageous, patriotic Senate Republicans will vote for impeachment, the others will vote to give Trump a lifetime, post-presidential pass amounting to no less than $1 million a year in taxpayer dollars—and the ability to run again for president with access to tons of PAC money and intelligence briefings.

The punishment for Trump’s behavior will be no more than a kitten’s mewling, a few soft steps before the “republicans,” writ small, curl up once again under Trump’s feet. Trump will return to strut and lie on the stage of his own making.

Bruce Smith


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