The resignation of Kelly Green should be the final nail in the coffin of Keith Roark’s incompetence. Mr. Roark’s inept handling of numerous issues over the past year such as the bungling of the Dual Immersion issues at Hemingway, altering the School District calendar despite a majority of parents voting against it, having no discernable plan for reopening schools during COVID, unlike numerous other Idaho cities that have plans posted on their websites, and creating a hostile environment for board members as well as the public.

Through my personal interactions with Mr. Roark and for anyone who has read his inappropriate emails to parents such as Sandy Anderson we have all learned that Mr. Roark has a massive but very fragile ego. His personality precludes him from being an effective board member and is the reason that he and other board members are not interested in public comment or any information generated externally from the board. Despite his promise that the board would be transparent in its dealings under his watch, the truth is quite the opposite. Keith has repeatedly led the board to violate its own stated principals of ethical behavior, leadership, communication and accountability.

Emails from Mr. Roark to various parents and members of the community have stated vehemently that the school board is not required to take public comment. That’s true, it isn’t. What Mr. Roark fails to realize is that he has entirely missed the point in that he and the board should welcome public opinion and information instead of disdaining it. Mr. Roark is only capable of viewing his position in terms of the self-serving grandstanding opportunity it is for him.

It’s time the Blaine County School District board has a chairperson with compassion, understanding and honor. Our students deserve better and it is time for Mr. Roark to resign.

Casey Finnegan, Ketchum

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