I am very concerned about the airstrip that Michael Boren is wanting to build on his property in the Hell Roaring area, on the Salmon River.

One of my favorite places to hike in the Sawtooths is in the south end of the range. With the airstrip at Smiley Creek and also one in Stanley, that seems quite adequate for providing pilots with small aircrafts to fly in and out of. So to allow another airstrip to be built by a landowner whose property is on the Salmon River and in the Hell Roaring area does not seem right. Of course there will be a small plane here and there while hiking in the Sawtooths, which I get. But to allow Mr. Boren to build another airstrip on his property and increase the amount of air traffic by who knows how much in my opinion should not be allowed.

There is also the risk of having it so close to the world-famous Salmon “River of No Return” and the potential pollution that could run into this amazing beautiful river that provides incredible fishing and whitewater and supports an abundance of wildlife.

Thanks so much for listening and I really hope the P&Z does the right thing and does not allow Mr. Boren to build this airstrip, which would be very detrimental to the Sawtooth Valley in many ways.

Sam Parker


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