Idahoans value a property owner’s constitutional right to their private property and the rights of people to live their lives the way they choose. A threat to one person’s private property rights is a threat to all of ours, which is why I’ve been following a topic being discussed in Custer County. Mike Boren, owner of Hell Roaring Ranch is requesting a conditional use permit from Custer County to make his grass pasture available for outside emergency services. This would be beneficial in the event there is a major emergency, similar to the accident experienced last summer near the Boren property on Highway 75 when the injured individuals had unnecessary delays getting medical attention. For recreation lovers who travel in that area, an additional option for emergency landing would benefit everyone. Even if seldom used, it would bring peace of mind.

Mike’s use of his small aircraft on his pasture for agricultural and private aviation is already his approved right. Mike’s generous interest in making his private land available for emergency services use is his choice and should receive our community support, which is the Idaho way to preserve personal property rights. I respectfully encourage Custer County officials to approve Mike’s request for a conditional use permit so his property can benefit the Custer County area in case of an emergency and preserve our private property rights.

Christina Culver, Sun Valley

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