Idaho Power has been trying to get an overhead transmission line in our scenic view corridor for the past six years. The Blane County Planning and Zoning Commission and Board of County Commissioners have done an outstanding job reviewing, denying, rehearing, reconditioning, etc., conditional-use permits for the project to proceed, as long as it is underground.

Idaho Power has enlisted support from the Idaho Public Utilities Commission to tell us that we have to have this redundant transmission line.

Idaho Power has told the county commissioners that all of us ratepayers have to pay for this line, which has to be overhead from north of Hailey to Owl Rock Road.

Idaho Power will make $13.3 million in interest and fees for the 20-plus years it takes us all to pay for this new line, which is totally redundant. The only time in our recent history (2009) that power was off for an extended period of time was when power was not reaching the Hailey substation! This line will not eliminate that possibility!

Call and write your county commissioners! Ask them why Idaho Power even has the right for a new decision on the conditional use permit that has already been issued. Tell them to go before the Idaho Public Utilities Commission and verify whether it is our responsibility to pay for this transmission line that we don’t even need.

There is a meeting on Feb. 9 at which time our commissioners may allow Idaho Power to permanently deface our scenic view corridor. They need to hear from you if you don’t want that to happen. They need to hear from all of you!

Cindy Mann


Blaine County P&Z commissioner,


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