I am writing this letter to fully support Ron Taylor for Idaho state senator for District 26.

I have known Ron for over a quarter century. Over the years, I have seen the qualities that will enable Ron to successfully represent us in the state Senate. As a fire fighter, Ron has shown courage. As a Democrat, Ron will be a minority voice in the Senate. It will take courage to stand up for all our rights, and for those rights not to be subverted by extremists who want to threaten our democracy by quelling dissenting voices and instituting one-party rule.

As a paramedic, Ron has the medical knowledge to understand complex medical issues and will be able to convey in a thoughtful, calm manner these concepts to legislators who have limited medical knowledge. Ron will also be champion for mother’s rights, so that ideologues will not be able to threaten a mother’s life or fertility by denying her the right to a medically necessary abortion. A paramedic needs to have “grace under pressure,” and Ron’s ability to be a calming, reasonable voice will enable him to serve us by influencing his colleagues in the Senate without divisiveness and partisan rhetoric.

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