I cannot disagree with Alan Patty's assumption that if the Democrats repeal the filibuster come fall they will regret it ("If it ain't broke," published June 1).

I do disagree with his reasoning that the logic for repealing it is so Democrats may stay in power forever. The filibuster was a mistake and has been used by the minority—slave holders, segregationist, those denying certain voters their right to vote, climate deniers, etc.—since its inception, from the days of John Calhoun, former vice president and slave owner, to modern day James M. Buchanan and his Virginia School of Political Economy, whose basic premise is that the majority rule will always corrupt government officials and the minority, aka the “Makers,” will be exploited by the “Takers.”

With Koch-funded Cato Institute, and the Scaife and Coors-funded Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise, this movement's goals are to repeal Social Security, do away with child labor laws, outlaw unions and repeal environmental laws to ensure that this wealthy minorities "liberties” are not abused. By joining forces with the Christian Right this group has used cultural issue—gay rights, abortion and guns—to divide us and spread fear while calling for the abolition of public education where only the wealthy can afford to be educated creating a uneducated and misinformed voting public, which is easier to control.

So, I am less worried about the Democrats regretting repealing the filibuster than I am of this ideology making any more gains with their minority rule goals. We need political parties where country is more important than power or party. We need to vote out the politicians who ignore the will of the majority and at the same time respect and listen to the minority, I believe it is called compromise.

Ray Whelan


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