Hailey’s so-called “Heart of Hailey” idea is a very poorly thought-out proposition. As has been pointed out, the alley between the proposed land purchase is a vital part of any firefighting efforts and the main delivery access for vendors supplying the businesses along Main Street and will never be vacated. Without the inclusion of the alley, the remaining parcel is really too small for any meaningful public gatherings as described in the public meeting. It’s a waste of a million dollars. But maybe the real goal here is to move out the Copy and Print business and demolish the building, making room for a much larger area for their project. The city of Hailey should address this, in public, and assure the community that this will or will not happen. As it stands now Hailey will have a Heart of the City made of AstroTurf.

David Harris, Hailey

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