Old habits are hard to change, but change they must! We used to toss all kinds of paper into our recycling bins—those days are over.

Hamilton Manufacturing in Twin Falls, a family-owned company since 1962, founded on environmental citizenship, buys our recycled paper. Their process only works if it is the correct material. They need office paper and newspaper, which can be watered down and “melted.”

Glossy or waxy paper (magazines, postcards, milk cartons, etc.) do not melt; paperboard (cereal boxes, egg cartons, etc.) might be recyclable in the future if we do the right thing now. We need to remove the glossy advertisement page from COX inside our newspapers, and the clear plastic window from our envelopes.

If we change our ways and send them just what they need, we can continue to sell our newspapers and office paper to them. They create superior recycled products sold nationally and internationally in the areas of insulation, erosion control and others. From our waste they can produce organic, nontoxic and biodegradable products. We can be a part of this valuable process with minimal effort.

Please, be intentional about your paper recycling, and ensure the Wood River Valley’s role in this important industry.

Narda Pitkethly, Ketchum

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