After years of talk-talk under prior administrations, Ketchum Mayor Neil Bradshaw is actually getting things done. A new fire station, a new city hall, and workforce housing built or in the works—these are top community priorities where action has been desperately overdue. Achieving sufficient consensus to proceed is no easy job in this town of strong-minded people. Neil has listened respectfully to all who have sought his ear. He has worked tirelessly with the City Council and interested community members to develop economically prudent, practical plans to meet community needs. One wonderful example: he has secured the option for the community to purchase—through voluntary contributions—the old Warm Springs golf course as a permanent greenbelt recreation area.

Neil’s leadership has been guided by his vision of a diverse, inclusive community that treats all its members with kindness and respect. A community that prioritizes the needs of its permanent residents while welcoming visitors with genuine hospitality. A community that manages its inevitable growth wisely to preserve its authentic mountain town character with its unmatched recreational opportunities.

Neil’s vision is the right one for Ketchum. He has worked effectively to advance it. He has been our best advocate. I urge you to re-elect Neil Bradshaw to a second four-year term as mayor of Ketchum.

Lyman Drake, Ketchum

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