Over the last 20 years I have been fortunate enough to work for some great mayors in the Wood River Valley. My name is Robin Crotty, and I was the city clerk for the city of Ketchum until Sept. 25, 2020, when I had to retire for personal health reasons. I was honored to work for the citizens of Ketchum and Mayor Neil Bradshaw and was proud to be part of a strong and effective team.

Under Mayor Bradshaw’s leadership, the city of Ketchum has had an extraordinary number of accomplishments. You may not agree with all decisions that have been made over the last four years however, all decisions have been made by following the public process. Mayor Bradshaw is the first to take a phone call and schedule a meeting to be sure he is hearing every side of every situation. He is in City Hall everyday working to ensure that all topics are understood and explained for a transparent government. He cares about the citizens of Ketchum as well as all city employees.

There are other candidates who are making promises. Hopefully they are doing their homework so they can begin to understand how local government works. Just because they may be a nice guy doesn’t mean they can get the job done. You have to understand public processes as well as a budget and be willing to give up a lot of personal time so that the citizens of Ketchum can be heard.

Mayor Neil Bradshaw hears you. He listens, he cares. On Nov. 2, 2021, I encourage you to vote Neil Bradshaw for mayor.

Robin Crotty, Hailey

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