Why is Idaho Fish and Game’s wolf control board spending $400,000 of your tax dollars each year killing your native wildlife? From July 2019 to June 2020, 570 wolves were killed in Idaho with an “estimated” population of 1,500. Why?

Why is IDFG granting Community Challenge funds to the Foundation for Wildlife Management, which in turn funds a bounty of up to $1,000 to trappers for each wolf killed? Why does IDFG think that it is OK for these trappers to then sell the pelts of our gray wolves at the fur market? Does the North American Model for Wildlife Management not clearly state that “wildlife is a natural resource that belongs to all North Americans” and must not be sold for private gain?

On Jan. 19, the Blaine County commissioners met with IDFG about the proposals submitted by the Foundation for Wildlife Management and the Idaho Trappers Association to open Blaine County big game Units 48 and 49 to trapping. Each Blaine County commissioner stated that their constituents had made it clear that trapping on public lands, where the vast majority of us recreate, is not wanted in the Wood River Valley. Why, then, are we needing to bring this to the commissioners again in their “scoping” process?

We have until Feb. 23 to let IDFG commissioners (and it’s a good idea to copy the governor as well) know that we don’t want trapping on public lands anywhere in the state. They are not safe for humans, pets or rare wildlife such as wolverines, lynx, fishers and eagles.

I am dreadfully afraid the commissioners will ignore survey results showing that the vast majority of us don’t want trapping where we are recreating, but please let them know of your opposition. Thank you for speaking for wildlife!

Christine Gertschen

Sun Valley

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