As we gradually emerge from our “sheltering in place” throughout Blaine County, what a joyful thought it is to imagine seeing the majestic Sawtooth Mountains once again!

We must ensure that the Sawtooth Valley Scenic Byway, extending from Galena Pass all the way to Stanley, will not be decimated by votes of Blaine County Planning and Zoning, South Central Public Health District and the Sawtooth National Recreation Area!

Please let your voices be heard regarding a conditional-use permit application currently being reviewed by the entities listed above.

Approval of 27 cabins, a lodge, a barn, a store, wall tents, camping area, etc. on 10 acres currently zoned for one house per 40 acres would be tragic. It would clearly open the door for future development in the Sawtooth Valley, as this site at the historic Beaver Creek Store is protected by a scenic easement purchased by the SNRA in 1985.

Please express your views regarding this conditional-use permit application to Blaine County Planning and Zoning at, Sawtooth National Recreation Area at and, and the U.S. Forest Service at and

Linda Pertel

Sun Valley

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