Public lands are part of my identity and no parcel of public land anywhere is more precious to me than the Pioneer Mountains located in our backyard. This spectacular, dynamic range is my go-to sanctuary where I seek energy from the unspoken strength of the wild and deepen my friendships through uninterrupted, offline adventure time that allows me to understand the great depth of others and become fully who I am. There is no greater joy or truer inspiration than the feeling of summiting that exhilarating mountaintop, wading through a rushing river that sparkles in the summer sun or relaxing near a peaceful lake that has every captivating shade of blue. I could explore the Pioneers for a lifetime and always find a new adventure. This is why I believe in protecting the incredible places of the Salmon-Challis National Forest.

Wild creatures represent the true heart of Idaho. I often think back to last summer when I scrambled up a high mountain ridgeline in the Pioneers to find two mountain goats on a rock ledge below me. The Salmon-Challis has vast and vital habitat for these animals. We are so fortunate to have public access to these deeply restorative places and experiences.

With spring and summer approaching fast, I’m looking forward to getting out and enjoying this special place. I invite people to join me in standing up for what inspires them, make their voice heard and participate in building a community of public lands advocates like myself who are working to protect the future of this incredible place.

David Hoversland

Sun Valley

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