I too am of German ancestry (maternal), also Jewish.  My great-grandparents fortunately fled Germany prior to Hitler’s rise of power—otherwise, I wouldn’t be here writing this.

Mr. Kuhn (letter, “Editorial on Trump was one-sided, July 31) seems to have (conveniently) forgotten that most of his countrymen turned a blind eye to the vehemence directed toward Jews, gypsies, intellectuals and others opposed to the extreme nationalism of Hitler, also Mussolini in Italy and Franco in Spain, in the 1930s. This, of course, led to the extreme fascism of the 1940s and the subsequent death of millions.  Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it (Santayana, Spanish philosopher, circa 1920).

I disagree strongly with some of the statements uttered by at least two (not all four, as lumped together by Trump and Mr. Kuhn), especially in regard to Israel. But, Mr. Kuhn, expressing his love of our country as much as he professes, should also take the trouble to read the U.S. Constitution, which thankfully allows all of its citizens to express and conduct themselves without fear of governmental or militant citizenry reprisal. I will protect those and other constitutionally mandated civil rights to my death. 

Elliott Mercer, Sun Valley

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