Biodiversity is a term used to describe the enormous variety of life on earth. What we do in protecting or destroying any part of it in one place has long-reaching effects in another: the withering of our natural landscapes, destruction of fertile areas, disruption or loss of rivers, loss of entire species of plants and animals or harm to the ocean and sea life.

It is clear in Christine Gertschen's excellent letter of Feb. 15 titled "Wolf Plan Hurts Biodiversity" that, although scientists report loss of it all over the globe, there are governmental entities and others that don't acknowledge the biodiversity of this planet upon which all life depends. The killing of wolves by every cruel means imaginable in Idaho's Wolf Management Plan has a lasting effect on bordering states and beyond.

The ConocoPhillips Willow project in the Alaska Arctic would affect everywhere else on the globe. It is the largest imminent oil extraction project proposed on public land and is estimated to produce more than 629 million barrels of oil, producing more than 287 million metric tons of climate pollution! It will put in danger ecosystem health of the entire Alaskan western Arctic, which supports caribou, geese, loons, salmon, polar bears and wolves. This is also the cultural homeland and subsistence area for several Alaska Native communities.

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