The editorial “Watch and learn” (Sept. 18) began by saying that if Boise can regulate short-term rentals, so can Blaine County and the Sun Valley-area cities. I believe that you are spot on. I recognize the harm that short-term rentals are dong to our community and know personally of hardworking locals who have been dislocated from their rentals because the owners can make more money by renting short term.

As a Sun Valley councilman, I would fully support such restrictions if we could be assured that by doing so we would not be violating Idaho’s law usurping the power of the local governments. Therein lies the pitfall. We don’t want to go through all of the hoops to enact such a code only to be subject to expensive litigation brought by the state or the large short-term rental companies.

It won’t be an easy task to come within the exceptions of the state code regarding health, safety and welfare, which are very broad, as well as subjective.

In the city of Sun Valley, owners must register short-term rentals and pay sales taxes.

I totally agree that we should monitor the efforts of Boise to restrict such rentals and see how its efforts succeed in the courts before taking action to try to restrict the scourge of short-term rentals.

Keith Saks, Sun Valley

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