This past weekend, I visited Ketchum with a friend and her two dogs, Macey and Missy. One of the highlights of our trip was going to be visits to the Dog Park. So, you can imagine her shock as we drove across the bridge. “Oh, no! We have become such a greedy society!!”

Yes. Greed. Claiming more victims, this time hundreds of majestic pines and a glorious public space beside a mountain stream.

A quick internet search revealed that in April, 2020, a developer seized the opportunity to purchase the land at “an excellent price.”

Apparently the ranch (dog park) is the largest piece of undeveloped land in Ketchum—one that the Wood River Land Trust’s (WRLT) Executive Director Scott Boettger identified as necessary to preserve and maintain the character of the Wood River Valley for generations to come.

The WRLT tried to reach a deal with the developer last year to use the property for fundraisers and weddings to help pay for its upkeep. The developer wasn’t interested.

Instead, he offered to only develop 14 acres, and sell the remaining 64 acres to the city of Ketchum for $9 million (which needs to be raised through donations).

And so I ask…

Wouldn’t it be a better legacy to donate this land rather than create another multi-million dollar neighborhood? Would our nation have National Parks if the Rockefellers had sought to profit from the land?

My hope is that you will generously donate this land to the city of Ketchum as a public dog park that may be enjoyed by residents and visitors alike for years to come.

Future generations are asking you to be a Rockefeller, sir. Please. And, thank you.

Renee Miller, Boise

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