I am writing this letter on behalf of the Old Cutters Home Owners Association.

At our recent annual meeting, the subject of dog waste management was once again a big concern for members.

We are a subdivision of friendly and respectful homeowners. The problem of dog-waste accumulation is not caused by us—it is the inconsiderate members of the community that use Old Cutters for their dog exercise pleasure. Dog owners ride through the subdivision in their cars and/or on their bikes with their dogs running behind. This behavior obviously does not have the owners picking up after their dogs. Many dog walkers are equally as inconsiderate, letting their many dogs run freely through our yards, not picking up after their dogs. People might assume that the many empty lots are free for public use, but they need to know that all of the undeveloped lots are owned by private citizens.

Winter is the worst time, with pet owners being especially inconsiderate when not even trying to find their dog’s droppings in the snow. This spring, a group of Old Cutters homeowners spent numerous weekends picking up buckets of winter dog waste.

We ask that the people who frequent our neighborhood understand that these may be city streets, but the common areas, sidewalks and homes are private property. Please be responsible pet owners and pick up after your dogs as you would hope people would do on your property.

Christine Ferguson, Old Cutters HOA board secretary

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