You recycle. Good on you.

You voice your belief in protecting the environment. Good on you.

You donate to your favorite environmental non-profit. Good on you.

You don’t pick up your dog’s poop. Shame on you!

“The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that just two to three days’ worth of waste from only 100 dogs can contribute enough bacteria to temporarily close a bay and all watershed areas to swimming or fishing within 20 miles. Dog waste can contain bacteria, parasites, and pathogens that can directly and indirectly cause people to get sick.”

“Fecal coliform bacteria is found in animal waste. The detection of fecal coliform in the water indicates the potential for other waterborne pathogenic diseases, like typhoid fever and hepatitis A. There is a demonstrated relationship between the presence of fecal coliform bacteria found in a water sample and the presence of illness-causing viruses and bacteria that are harmful to humans and marine life.”—

“Almost 40% of dog owners claim they don’t pick up their pet’s poop for a variety of reasons (lazy, don’t feel like it, small dog equals small waste, etc.,), but the main reason is that they think the poop will actually go away! Although poop does break down on its own after a long time, it doesn’t mean that the bacteria and parasites disappear. No matter what stage the dog poop is in, other animals or humans are still at risk for disease and illnesses.”—

It is disheartening when enjoying our beautiful Wood River Valley to have it spoiled by disgusting dog poop everywhere. How difficult is it to pick up your dog’s poop? It’s not rocket science. Do the right thing for the environment, for your neighbors and for your community.

Pat Bruder, Sun Valley

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