We extend our gratitude to all the Hailey citizens who took time to vote on the Idaho Power franchise-fee increase. It is very important for people to vote on public funding issues.

We are pleased that the vote on the franchise-fee increase was passed. The additional $120,000 the city will realize from the fee increase will result in significant changes in the maintenance and care of city infrastructure.

The manner in which the city spends money remains an important issue. As we do every year at this time of year, we encourage public participation in our budget process. Last year, our budget was adopted after six City Council meetings in which the public was invited to participate, but very few people attended our meetings and commented. This year’s meeting schedule includes the following meetings on our budget:

  • June 24, 2019—Mayor’s budget introduced under public hearings.
  • July 8—Public hearing and council discussion, consideration of tentative budget.
  • July 22—Public hearing and council discussion, adoption of tentative budget.
  • Aug. 12—Public hearing on the budget and first reading of appropriation ordinance.
  • Sept 10—Second reading of appropriation ordinance.
  • Sept. 17—Third reading of appropriation ordinance.

I encourage concerned citizens to attend our budget meetings. It is critical that your voice be heard. I encourage you to join the city in this work, and I look forward to seeing you at City Hall.

Fritz X. Haemmerle, Mayor of Hailey

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