I rode with the Blaine County Republican Women in the Fourth of July Parade last Thursday. I have attended the parade every year but have never been a participant, and have to admit that I was appalled at how we were treated by many parade attendees. We were booed, made fun of, belittled and even given “the finger” many times. I couldn’t believe that adults in our small community would act that way, especially given the number of small children who were there surrounding our wagon waiting for candy. My husband had to leave his seat because the people surrounding him were so vitriolic in their disdain for the Republican women participants.

I’ve lived in Ketchum full time for 10 years. I have attended many events such as Wagon Days, where Michelle Stennett and several other Democrat elected officials have ridden in carriages. Although I have never voted for Ms. Stennett, I have always waved politely and clapped for her. After all, Michelle Stennett is our duly-elected state senator, and I owe her respect for that. Obviously, this does not hold true for the liberals and Democrats in our own valley.

It is obvious that our country is very divided at this point in time. However, it seems to me that a day like the Fourth of July, which is a national holiday celebrating our signing of the Declaration of Independence, should be a day when we can celebrate that freedom—for everyone! I am appalled that so many people chose to act so vilely toward their fellow Americans, Idahoans and freedom-loving Blaine County residents.

Lynn Peterson, Ketchum

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