The Mountain Express article on March 20 suggesting that the visiting National Brotherhood of Skiers brought COVID-19 to the Wood River Valley was an egregious editorial error by the paper. Probably the result of a highly pressured time in the Express newsroom and the onslaught of COVID-19. It was equally likely that locals already in the valley or other visiting groups brought the virus in that week or weeks before and gave it to the Brotherhood.

What compounds the Mountain Express error, however, is the lack of the publisher’s apology for the sloppy reporting and editing. There is something called “the buck stops here” for the leader of any organization. Instead, the necessary public response was put on the shoulders of a young reporter who wrote a defensive explanation that was most likely approved by the publisher.  The Mountain Express simply blew it and I hope it has the courage to publish my comment. 

Jima Rice, Blaine County

Editor’s Note:  The April 6 response by Editor Mark Dee can be read online by typing into your browser.

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