The majority of people in our valley agree that affordable housing is one of the most important and pressing issues we face as a community.

We are fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful places in the country and have been given a high monetary value for our properties. Those who can afford a piece of this paradise are not typically our workforce. But, unless you are a homesteader or an off-the-grid survivalist, you need that workforce population to support your enjoyment of this small-town life.

The number of people it takes for most of us to enjoy this life is endless. We all need the workers that build our homes, clean them, mow our lawns, deliver our mail, teach our children, cook and serve our dinners, stock our grocery store shelves, maintain our ski runs, trails and more. Our workers deserve a stable roof over their heads, too—it benefits the whole, not just the individual. Humans are still animals in an ecosystem, there must be a balance to maintain a healthy home.

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