Reading the Other Views letter on defending rights (“Legislators should defend your rights,” Aug. 9), I would like to present the other side of the discussion with verifiable facts and expose the hypocrisy.

The bill to make ballot initiatives a more comprehensive procedure was a reaction to the complaint that a few cherry-picked, densely populated districts can decide if a proposed initiative will survive. Rural districts like 26 simply get left out of the decision-making process. Are rural values the same as Boise? Their claim that “only wealthy, special-interest groups would have been able to influence a ballot initiative” is hypocritical. That is exactly what happened on Prop 2.

The Fairness Project, a liberal outside group that donates money to push liberal left ballot agendas, donated funds to pay Fieldworks LLC to gather signatures. Fieldworks use professional “harvesters” to get your initiative on a ballot. Guns for hire. This was shielded by the self-proclaimed “grassroots” organization Reclaim Idaho. They have a complaint filed against them for sunshine law violations. The accusation by our three reps, “Subverting the people’s right to be a part of the political process ...” is hypocritical, due to Sally Toone’s co-sponsoring of H0047 last session. This would give Idaho’s electoral votes to whatever presidential candidate won the popular vote. So, we may as well align Idaho right now with both coasts and not bother to vote! Clearly a subversive endeavor.

I could go on but my word limit is near. Will the GOP leadership in District 26 continue to give these three a pass? I hope not. Time for true conservatives to stand for their rights.

Jeff Kreyssig, Camas County

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