As a Ketchum resident of over 40 years who lives on Walnut Avenue just one block from the proposed Bluebird Village project, I have a first-hand view of the downtown parking situation. I see available parking spots on my street and nearby every day during business hours and in the evening. I don’t see a parking problem downtown.

I support Bluebird Village because this is an excellent location for workforce housing. As proposed, Bluebird will reduce commuting into Ketchum and encourage walking, bicycling and car-share for residents. Given how many people drive in and park on the street to go to work at City Hall versus all the on-site parking Bluebird will provide for residents, it’s also a net win for downtown businesses. There will be far fewer daily cars here than there are now with the number of employees and visitors that visit City Hall.

The Ketchum comprehensive plan calls for the development of workforce housing downtown. The plan was developed in an extensive public process with participation from residents. Ketchum’s comprehensive plan recognizes that diverse neighborhoods where workers can live close to their places of employment help reduce dependence on fossil fuels and foster a vibrant local community. Northwood Place, the workforce housing near the new fire station, has many residents who don’t even own cars! Some residents in Bluebird Village are very likely to follow suit.

It is a well-designed, handsome project. I will be proud to be a neighbor to Bluebird Village.

Susan Scovell, Past P&Z board member, present KURA board member, Ketchum

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