We are honored to have been appointed by city administration to serve on Ketchum’s Historic Preservation Commission, which has been meeting regularly since April. Meeting agendas and minutes are all found on ketchumidaho.org under the “Historic Preservation Commission” tab.

With so many important issues vying for our attention, from workforce housing to the Warm Springs Preserve, all in the midst of the pandemic and unprecedented growth, it’s been understandably hard to capture the public’s interest in preserving Ketchum’s historic structures. Public attendance at our meetings--either by Zoom or in person--has been less than robust, which is cause for concern with development pressures mounting.

If our collective goal is to uphold and exalt Ketchum’s truly special community character, then we must start with the community. We seek your input on this.

We are very much still in process. We’ve heard from a handful of the owners of buildings in the downtown core slated for the historic preservation list, but not from everyone. Time is running short as we near the Jan. 14 deadline to set in place the permanent ordinance.

As commissioners in this volunteer role, we seek to fulfill the mission set forth by the mayor, City Council and our charter. The results will be enhanced with input from our community. Please join us and stay tuned for further updates.

Ketchum’s Historic Preservation Commission

Mattie Mead, chair, Wendolyn Holland, vice-chair, Jennifer Cosgrove

Jakub Galczynski, Rick Reynolds

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