I urge the residents of the Ketchum Rural Fire District—Heatherlands, Greenhorn, East Fork, Warm Springs and all of the way north to Galena—vote!

You only have one item to consider in the off-election year: a commissioner for the Ketchum Rural Fire District, but it is your opportunity to make a big difference. In the midst of the tumultuous reorganization and the shifting of responsibilities of our emergency services, it is imperative we consider what each candidate has to offer and how best each could serve our community. It is easy to stay with the status quo, but consider a new option.

Gray Ottley brings 13 years of experience as a volunteer firefighter for the Ketchum Fire Department and also is a successful business owner and operator. He understands the workings of the fire service and the needs of the firefighters and emergency medical providers. Ottley will put the citizens and firefighters first. Having working apparatus, proper equipment and good training will assure the response times and expertise that we have come to expect from our professional and volunteer firefighters. Ottley also supports the consolidation efforts put forth by the firefighters for a cohesive fire department in the north county. Having a deep understanding of these services is crucial to the health and safety of our community.

I strongly urge you to consider a new shade of Gray—vote Ottley!

Kathy Gibson, Ketchum

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