Just when you thought the world couldn’t get nuttier, the city of Sun Valley spends $400,000 on a wisp of a bike lane along Elkhorn Road that pinches off into the city’s busiest four-way-stop intersection.

The seven-tenths-of-a-mile bike lane runs parallel to a built-for-bikes bike path that is safely removed from the road by carefully constructed berms.

Proponents argue the new roadside bike lane is “safer.” Than what? Certainly not the bike path. The new bike lane was built to give some cyclists the opportunity to go faster (for seven-tenths of a mile). Faster is rarely “safer.”

The speed limit on the bike path is 20 mph. The speed limit on that section of Elkhorn Road is 30 mph. We spent almost a half-million bucks so a handful of riders, a few months of the year, can go 10 mph faster for a little over a half-mile of their ride?

Sun Valley is full of smart people, but the cost-benefit ratio on this project is a loser. What a waste.

Carol Eleazer, Sun Valley

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