I first met Ned Burns five years ago at the beginning of the Medicaid expansion ballot initiative. Ned often volunteered for the effort, and I was impressed by his energy and charisma when talking to voters. Ned was able to quickly connect with them, and even today, when I door-knock with Ned, he instantly puts voters at ease and listens to their concerns.

Readers may know that Ned was appointed to the State Legislature almost a year ago to fill Rep. Muffy Davis’ seat. Since that time, Ned has represented District 26 very well in the Statehouse. Ned has earned the respect of members on both sides of the aisle as an honest, forthright legislator who does his homework on issues. Ned is not afraid to stand up and speak out on things he believes in, as we saw in floor debates on women’s rights, education and the resolution recognizing the 50th anniversary of the SNRA.

Ned is a staunch believer in reasonable policies in Idaho. As a third-generation Idahoan, he can recall the days when public lands, quality education and opportunities for future generations to succeed were of the utmost importance. Let’s send Ned back to the Statehouse to represent District 26 and be the voice of reason.

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