Here’s the thing. Mountain Humane made some bad hiring decisions and there were some holes in the oversight of some employees. Absolutely.

However, regardless of what shenanigans were happening in management, the rest of the staff was working hard to provide the best care for the animals that they could, providing free services to animals and people in need, and bringing in hundreds of pets from around Idaho and out of state that needed a second chance.

Should you be angry and feeling duped by the high salaries recently published? Yeah, maybe.

But for me, the takeaway is that Mountain Humane is now being transparent about its missteps, and clearing out the excess. That leaves the lower-paid employees who are passionate about what they do to clean up the mess and figure out the best way forward.

This is the time to support the organization. Mountain Humane remains committed to its goals and mission, but now has to figure how to best utilize the new facility and a streamlined staff to be even more effective and lifesaving than ever before. Try to get past the disappointment and anger and look at the animal numbers. Thousands of animals taken in. Seven hundred and fifty-four animals adopted out. Hundreds of people having access to services for their pets for the first time. Your donations went to these programs too.

As Mountain Humane moves forward and refocuses on the important stuff, consider supporting it by volunteering, donating and adopting. What’s the downside? You help the community, the animals and generate some good karma? That can’t be all bad. Go there. Talk to the humans. Bring a senior citizen with you if you are still hung up on that, or even if you are not. Pet the animals. Focus on the good.

Meghan Faherty, Bellevue

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