I would like to express support for Mike Pohanka in his effort to win a seat as a representative to the state Legislature from District 26.

I have known Mike and his family for many years and have always been impressed with his enthusiastic support of community and particularly of education. His concerns are centered around faith, family and community. When he sees something that requires action he jumps in to tackle the need. A number of years ago, Mike observed a need at the high school in Jerome for tennis courts to serve the physical education department, the tennis team and recreational needs of the community. With his customary elan, he organized a number of people and their equipment to voluntarily level the ground, prepare the pad and set the fencing. Volunteers from the community and the school applied the surface coats and set up the posts and nets. He has applied that same can-do attitude and organizational skills to many other projects in the community.

I believe he will serve the people of the district well with his mixture of enthusiasm, concern, organizational skill and honor.

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