The Argyros has recently implemented a new policy called M.O.V.E. (Mask On, Vax Essential). I’m sure many of you are happy about this policy. I am not!

Masks and vaccines are the hot topic of the day. To mask or not to vax or not to vax. To me the hottest topic that hasn’t even been mentioned is our freedom of choice. Many people cannot or do not wish to wear a mask due to medical conditions and or religious beliefs. The new policies today are a “one size fits all” strategy that can’t possibly work. And vaccines should always be a personal choice. One’s vaccine status or COVID-19 test status is personal and private information.

Aside from violating our rights, these “rules” have no logic. If masks work, then why do we need to be vaccinated? If the vaccines work, then why do we need to mask? And if the vaccines work then why does an unvaccinated person need to take an unreliable test to go to The Argyros? Logic?

Our precious freedoms and privacy are eroding away right before our eyes. If we don’t pay attention they will be gone and we will wonder where they went! I cherish my freedoms and my privacy. How about you?

Barbara Kuhn, Hailey

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