Responding to “We stand in solidarity with Latino immigrants” (Guest Opinion, Sept. 11), the undersigned supporting this position failed to include a number of facts.

Nowhere in the article did I see the statistic of an estimated 35,000 “illegal aliens” in the state of Idaho. In at least one previous edition of the Idaho Mountain Express, illegal aliens were residing in the Wood River Valley sites such as North Fork park, Red Top meadows and others. It would be very foolish to believe that among those 35,000 a percentage do not have nefarious intentions, which include gangs such as MS-13 and traffickers (human and drug), to name just two. It would appear the undersigned support known lawbreakers. What does that say about them?

Many in the “Latino community” have no intention of assimilating, as observed by their character traits exhibited in public. Many other statistics are absent in the opinion piece—perhaps for obvious reasoning. And one other such statistic includes the high, disproportionate percentage of wages earned by the Latino community in the U.S. sent “home”; it is eye-opening, startling, yet not often reported. What does this action suggest, I ask you? Certainly not investing in America. Worse, several Blaine County “officials” support illegal aliens, and businesses hire them; that’s equivalent to aiding and abetting known criminals—shameful at the very least.

Although laws are in place as a deterrent toward hiring and/or employing illegal aliens, several business owners ignore these laws—thumbing their noses at the National Security Agency’s request, “See something, say something.” Moreover, ignoring these laws quite often promotes and condones criminal activity. And at least one Wood River Valley “official” has openly stated the drive and desire to declare Blaine County a “sanctuary” county; completely out-of-touch with reality, and also suggests illegal aliens are welcome (and protected) in the Wood River Valley. Keep in mind the majority of Americans and Idahoans welcome legal immigration.

Randy A. Pew, Camas County

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