Why are the state-mandated tests being rejected by more and more parents nationwide and statewide?

    Besides taking time away from real learning, there are three other very good reasons to opt your child out of these tests, each being reason enough on its own:

  • They have never been shown to be valid or reliable.
  • They are not developmentally appropriate, and thus are inappropriately stressful for many children.
  • They require personal data that is an invasion of privacy for children.

    There are far better ways to evaluate student achievement or ability: good teacher observation, documentation of student work and performance-based assessment provide truly useful material for teachers, parents, and the public.

    Fourteen states across the country report that hundreds of thousands of parents opted their children out of these tests last year; including 100,000 in Colorado, 130,000 in New Jersey and 240,000 in New York state. Many more are expected this year.

    If you want to learn more, go to www.fairtest.org, www.unitedoptout.com or www.idahoansoptout.com. For the sake of your child’s well-being and protection of privacy, assert your 14th Amendment parental rights and opt your child out of these tests.

Pamela Plowman


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