Idaho Power has applied at the PUC for case IPC-E-21-25 in which Blaine County residents will pay extra tariffs on their utility bills for 20 years to pay interest of $13,281,197 to Idaho Power at 9.59% and fat fees to underground power lines for a mile at the hospital and some distribution lines down to Hailey. Additionally, all Idaho Power ratepayers in the state will pay $35 million to provide a second transmission line north of the Hailey substation up scenic highway 75 to Ketchum. No power got to Hailey in the WR Valley’s longest power outage, so this $35 million spend doesn’t really solve the issue. Backup generators would. $14 million of the base project pays for undergrounding power lines in Ketchum, primarily, according to PUC staff in testimony, for aesthetic reasons. Call or write the Idaho PUC if you think your electric bill dollars are being misspent., 208-334-0300.

Kiki Tidwell, Hailey

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