I have no idea how many times for how many years I’ve entered and exited Ketchum and seen the pit on the east side of Main Street and wondered how that eyesore could be permitted to continue to assault the senses of visitors and residents.

I can appreciate that financing a new hotel, even in the best of times, can be challenging. What isn’t challenging is showing some respect to Ketchum by having a presentable barrier, picking up trash, pulling up signs for jewelry shows and keeping the weeds cut. The site is an insult to our community—it clearly communicates, “I don’t care about you.” I can well imagine that any potential investor would also view the site and think that if the owner can’t even keep a lot clean, why would I risk partnering with him to spend millions on a hotel?

There is considerable construction in the area and many examples of presentable barriers. Why the most visible site has the worst wall boggles the mind. If the owner won’t clean it up, why haven’t the mayor and City Council stepped in and required him to do so? Do they not care either? The question is moot; if they cared, we wouldn’t be enduring that eyesore.

Marshall Peterson, Hailey

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