I was dismayed to read Marty Albertson’s Letter to the Editor published in the Sept. 16 edition Mountain Express about the candidacy of Kiki Tidwell for county commissioner. Albertson’s letter characterized Kiki as being “a double-talking agitator” by her use of the legal system vis-à-vis affordable housing. I have known Kiki for decades. One of her greatest public qualities is her unwavering loyalty to the community where she lives and sustaining the quality of life of all the people who live there. Kiki’s vision is constructed by years of observation and participation. She has served on the Idaho Community Board and its grants panels, the board of the animal shelter, the Blaine County Foster Parents Support group, the Idaho Children’s Trust fund grant panels, and the Governor’s Council for Families and Children. Kiki speaks her truth, which is not always popular but is always intelligent.

True to her character, she responded to Albertson’s characterization by making her declaration in support of a Motion for Preliminary Injunction in Tidwell vs. Blaine County available to the public via Facebook at Citizens for Kiki Tidwell, Blaine County Commissioner Candidate. She has nothing to hide and, if asked, will give a clear and factual answer, even supplying documentation. Kiki is very interested in increasing affordable housing opportunities in the Wood River Valley. Currently, she is involved in the Silver River Place apartment project in Hailey. I urge people to drive by and look at it.

Alison Stone, Mid Valley

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