Assuming America is even capable of having a collective mind, have we lost ours?  We, as in the American public, are being hard-peddled with the idea that American needs to be “Great Again.”  Why? Not why are we being force-fed “Great Again” flavored Kool-Aid—we already know the obvious answer to that.  But why do we need to be great again?

If there is any doubt as to what weight that phrase is meant to carry for us and the rest of the world, try substituting “Superior,” “Imposing,” “Powerful,” or “Dominating” in place of great.  These are counterproductive words for any nation needing to get along in a world closing in on itself.  If being “Great” means losing more and more nation friends, what is the purpose other than to create a deluded, world-excluded, imploding island for and of ourselves?

How about striving for good old fashioned “Good” instead?  I’m good with good. Good, and all its connotations. Such as honesty, justness, kindness, selflessness, helpfulness, truthfulness, and whatever other positive “nesses” might come to mind.  All we need is to be as good as we can be.  Anything beyond that tends to turn into a single-minded ego trip in one form or another.  No, I’m more than good with America being “Good.” And I think the results of being so would surprise even the so-called “Great.”

Les Shanahan, Hailey

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