It’s interesting that the Mountain Express keeps pimping editorials and articles that seek to validate the existing “stay-at-home” orders while asking for help from readers with advertising, subscriptions and donations. Does anyone at the paper understand that you’re biting the hand that feeds you? This is a conservative state. Why should we support a newspaper that supports the left-wing tactics that are destroying California and New York? 

Blaine County, Idaho, and our country must be back to work. There have been 56,000 Wuhan virus deaths, but the federal government has spent $4 trillion in response. This equals about $32,000 per taxpayer. This is irresponsible. Additionally, as people lock themselves indoors, we forget that people are being saddled with secondary effects that include unpaid bills, neglected surgeries and health care, child abuse and domestic violence. 

Let Idahoans return to work. Allow businesses to move forward with protecting the health of their employees, clients and vendors. Let people earn money so that they can pay their rent and mortgages and feed their families. Let our small businesses survive and avoid mass layoffs and bankruptcies. Idahoans should not respond to the virus the way the highly dense New York area has. We must not let fear paralyze our country into creating further calamity. Once the paper supports that, it will then find people have the money to buy ads and subscriptions.

Nate Bachman


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