As many know, wolves are essential to bring balance in nature. Strong, majestic animals who hunt for food, not sport, do not deserve to die so horribly as by a neck snare. We are on their land, we are guests on this planet. What are we teaching our children? That killing, in a painful, horrible manner, is all right when a live creature becomes inconvenient? We should be better than this. Just as importantly, do you want your grandchildren to be able to see a wolf other than in a zoo?

We’ve sent men to the moon and cured horrible diseases, but we can’t learn how to co-exist with one of God’s most beautiful creatures. Please stop the cruelty, or is it necessary to assure yourself that you are the “king” of the woods? Again, wolves are essential for the balance of nature—are you?

And, yes, I’ve dealt with wolves my entire life, I’m aware of what they are capable of, so I give them leeway, I know how to co-exist.

Finally, as a Native American, the wolf is my spirit animal, when one is killed for sport, or inconvenience, you also kill a part of the many natives who honor wolves as their spirit animals.

Become creative, learn to co-exist, leave a better world for your grandchildren, and leave cruelty behind.


Celia Cherowolf, San Miguel, Cozumel, Mexico

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