In response to the editorial on abortion rights, I would like to point out that according to Gallup, in 2018, 50 percent of Americans believe abortion should be legal under certain circumstances but only 29 percent believe under any circumstances.

Abortion is, and has always been, a hot topic. The two sides of the debate could not believe in their cause more. As Gallup suggests, late-term abortion is where many draw the line. Politicians are introducing laws that challenge Roe v. Wade and it is important you know how your candidate might vote. In District 26, all three representatives voted against S1049, which brought Idaho’s law on partial-birth abortion up to recent federal law. I questioned Sen. Michelle Stennett and Rep. Muffy Davis concerning their position on abortion after a recent meeting with the Camas commissioners. They made it quite clear they are in the 29 percent that support it under any circumstances. They believe government should stay out of the woman’s right to choose. Period.

There is a chance you may see a bill in the future here in Idaho, looking to restrict late-term abortion. You need to know how your candidate will vote. Ask them.

Jeff Kreyssig, Fairfield

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