During a visit to Sun Valley/Ketchum in May, I read in local publications a concern that the community spirit that has long characterized the valley might be lost with the influx of new residents. I would like to reassure you that, at least for the time being, the valley spirit is alive and well. Two examples:

My sister and I were visiting recently. We have been coming to Ketchum/Sun Valley to ski since we were kids. My birthday was on May 18 during our visit. Following a shopping circuit including Sturdevant’s and The Gold Mine, I stopped by an art and antiques shop. The owner and I chatted about our love for Western memorabilia and I mentioned that we were on our way to the Pioneer for my birthday celebration. We celebrated with a great steak dinner, and when I asked for the bill we were told that our birthday dinner was covered! We were amazed and grateful.

The following day, we were strolling around the grounds behind the Sun Valley Lodge. We stopped to watch a fly-fishing demonstration. A large dog sprung out of nowhere and bit my sister on her arm—a bad bite that bled and bled. We bandaged it up with what we had and headed to Whiskey Jacques for some solace. The waiter noticed the bleeding arm and jumped into action, bringing rags and bandages and tape. He bound the wound with apologies for the local dog. Another example of how the Ketchum/Sun Valley community continues to prioritize kindness, compassion and hospitality.

Louise Stevens, Winthrop, Wash.

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