It is apparent to me and many others that we need a new facility for the city of Ketchum’s fire engines, ambulances and personnel. We need a new facility for the people who come to our aid when we need it most. This is true—a fact that so many people have now come to appreciate.

On Nov. 5, we can choose to move forward with the fire station bond. For example, if approved, the fire bond will provide our excellent staff and volunteers with a new station. Interest rates are low. The cost is projected to be less than $21 per $100,000 of property value. The property is owned by the city, so there is no land acquisition cost.

Ketchum voters, please vote yes on the Ketchum fire bond Nov. 5. It’s the right thing to do. It’s time to have resolution on an issue that has been debated for far too long.

Wendy Jaquet, Blaine County

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