We have barely two months before one of the most important election issues in recent years, namely approval of the Ketchum fire station bond, which will raise property owners’ taxes by a small percentage.  I consider it a privilege to pay the extra tax so as to get a measurable degree of additional safety in return.

There are two misconceptions that I have encountered when discussing this with the public.  The first is that noisy sirens will fill the air near the new station just off Warm Springs Road. Not true; the Fire Department already is committed to using sirens only when necessary for warning traffic. The new facility will have warning lights to alert traffic, avoiding siren use.

The second is that were Ketchum and Sun Valley to consolidate fire departments, we would not need this station. Absolutely untrue; Ketchum will always need a station in town to hasten response time. In the event of a fire call, saving minutes can be vital to saving lives and property.

Gary Hoffman, Ketchum

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