Once again, the city of Ketchum is spending another $51,000 for yet another out-of-the-area “consultant” to address our housing crisis. In the eight years I’ve been back, I’ve seen numerous city contracts about affordable housing, none of which have borne fruit. Bluebird Village is a good idea, but in the wrong part of town. How about swapping that property with Jack Bariteau, who has done a good job developing center-city property, and putting Bluebird Village in his hole? How about they start spending that money on property to build affordable housing? The developer fees and/employee housing requirements (which they frequently waive) should have been more than sufficient to construct or acquire affordable, deed restricted property. Anyone remember all of the waivers for the KETCH, and the result? The new fire station is on property that was supposed to be for Northwood II (affordable housing), when city-owned property on Lewis Street would have been a much better idea. What has happened to common sense in this city? Yes, we need affordable housing, what we don’t need is another consultant telling us what we need.

Tommy Wiesler, Ketchum

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