Here we go again. Someone with his own nice place to live has decided to weigh in on affordable housing in Ketchum. Well, bully for him and his expensive attempts to sabotage the Bluebird project. He’s merely the latest in a long line of those who would cobble together questionable facts in order to achieve his goal: NIMBY or NIMFY either. He may not live around the corner from the proposed development, but metaphorically speaking he seems to see his front and back yards as preserving a romantically fairytale, small-mountain-town feel here.

I offer a challenge to him and any others who reflexively reject any major progress in affordable housing. Let them come up with specific areas to build in, complete with preliminary plans, accurate cost estimates, impact studies, financing and likelihood of blowback from neighbors of the proposed project. He will quickly learn that the biggest impediment to progress in Ketchum’s affordable housing crisis is people like himself. And he will also come to realize that the easiest thing in the world is to be a naysayer. Real solutions take really hard work, not fault finding.

Gary Hoffman


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